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Automated Communications

C-Air provides computerized entry of imported goods through electronic data entry systems that are fully compatible with U.S. Customs' Automated Broker Interrface (ABI) and Automated Manifest Systems (AMS) programs.

Our EDI capability enables us to:

  • Maintain computerized interface directly with clients
  • Speed delivery of goods
  • Untangle complex paperwork
  • Provide online status reports
  • Establish transaction libraries
  • Develop tracing procedures
  • Issue customized shipping reports for each client

Multi-Port Presence
C-Air has facilities in New York, Miami and Los Angeles. At each port location, we offer complete transportation services, including:

  • Special pickups on both scheduled and non-scheduled basis
  • Import cartage
  • Airport, pier and long-haul trucking. We also coordinate with motor carriers operating refrigerated, low-boy, earth-moving, air-ride and other specialized equipment.
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